资格要求Qualification Requirement

1. 母语为英语Native English speaker

2. 英语及相关专业学士学位及以上BA/ above English/related Major

3. 两年教学工作经验Two year teaching experience

4. 具有TEFL或TESOL证书TEFL or TESOL certificate required

5. 身体健康年龄55岁以下Under 55 and Healthy

6. 教授本科生及研究生英语Teach English for graduate and undergraduate

7. 每周16小时,周一至周五上课16 hours/week Mon-Fri

我们提供的条件Conditions offered:

1. 月工资 4000-5000RMB monthly Salary

2. 完成一学年合同提供往返机票及休假补贴2200元人民币

Round trip ticket to your home country after one year contract and 2200RMB vacation bonus

3. 独立的住房及全套家电及家具Furnished Apartment /cooking utensils

4. 医疗保险Medical Insurance

5. 免费的汉语课Free Chinese lesson

6. 将近2个月的带薪休假About Two months paid vacation

联系人:金洁、李学锋 Contacts: Jeniffer Jin, Simon Li

电话Tel:86-24-24694693    86-24-24692693

电子邮箱Email: wbsjzu@163.com  



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