On May 14th, Dean Tony and associate professor Su Bin from Architecture School of UNITEC Institution of Technology, New Zealand visited our university. Shi Tiemao, Vice President of SJZU met the guests.

Shi Tiemao welcomed the visit of Dean Tony group. By reviewing the exchange course on architecture education since the established relationship between two universities in 2001, both sides said the right things about the development of international architecture education on cooperation in running schools. With a strong commitment to the friendship of the two universities, Vice president Shi said they would focus on the quality of cooperative education and the personal development of students to constantly promote a deeper level relationship. Dean Tony spoke highly of our students’ professional standards and said Unitec Institution of Technology would further raising the level of cooperative education by carefully selecting teachers and creating a good teaching atmosphere and teaching mode for the students. The two sides also carried out the exchange of teachers and graduate students and reached a consensus. Heads of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Department and Architecture and Urban Planning School attended the meeting.

During the visit, Dean Tony and his group engaged with School of Architecture and Urban Planning about the Educational Program, and solved the educational problems in the process of project approach. At the same time, Dean Tony and his group also had a discussion with the students who have taken part in the Educational Program. In the discussion, Dean Tony explained to the students who interested in the condition of the study and life in Unitec and resolve the problem in the process of study.(Foreign Language School 0801 Wang Wan王碗)

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