On 28th May, Donald·Hackl the former chairman of American Architecture Association and Mr. Amir·Persian of Loebl Schlossman&Hackl Company, visited SJZU. Vice president Mr. Shi Tiemao met with the guests.

    Shi Tiemao extended his warm welcome to professor Donald·Hackl, and viewed the academic exchanged activities since Heike was invited as SJZU’s visiting professor and expressed the admiration to his great congratulation to the communication of the academic exchanges between two nations’ people. He expressed that our school will try its best to create the beneficial environment to enhance the deeper development of the international academic exchanges. Professor Hackl showed his thanks to the support of our school. He also expressed his wish of creating the forum of academic exchanges and expanding the scale of the mutual communication between these two countries.

    After the meeting, the two distinguished guests had a lecture with the theme of “the development of architecture” in the school of Architecture and Urban Planning. They answered a series of questions putted forward by students, and made the guidance for students' career plan combining with the economic environment.

    At last, the lecture ended with a long lasting applause.(Foreign Language School 0801 Jia Dongyi Sun Li贾东艺、孙艺)

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